Abortion and Birth Control

MTP Kit Can Wear Away an Unplanned Unwanted Gestation with Ease

MTP Kit is a safe and well-admired medical abortion pill that assists a woman to exterminate an early pregnancy of fewer than 9 weeks of gestation. This drug allows a woman to have a protected extermination of an early pregnancy at her home without any involvement of surgical tools and anesthesia. 

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Stop the Un-Needed Unplanned Life Inside You with MTP Kit

An abortion is a process to expel fetus that is having a gestation time below 9 weeks. This is chosen among those women who have not yet thought of being pregnant. It is your body and your choice to have a baby or not. If you have decided to have an abortion of your unplanned gestation then does use those tablets and expel your pregnancy easily and safely.

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Is your pregnancy complicated? Abort it with Abortion Pills

Are you thinking to abort your 6-week fetus as your doctor advised you because of the complications you are facing because of your pregnancy? Nevertheless, you are confused to get it with surgical method, as you cannot afford the expenses, as you are the only earning member in the family

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Grasp the Opportunity to Terminate Accidental Pregnancy with Abortion Pills

You are working in an MNC company. You have a dashing boyfriend in thesame company. You and your boyfriend are in living relationship with each other. One day you get intimate with each other in a crazy way. After some days, you came to know about your unwanted pregnancy...

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