Erection Failure is the clinical unhealthy condition of the patient that results in man due to insufficient flow of blood to the organ of lovemaking. Reasons for development of the condition of impotence are many such as:


  • Taking unhealthy diets poor in nutrition and more of those added contents which takes more time to digest the food
  • Irritation, anger, frustration and everyday stress of office life makes men more liable to suffer from the condition of erection failure
  • Not taking sound sleep of 6-8 hours turns a man agitated, lethargic and less to himself which together brings down the potency of a man
  • People with habit of partying who takes a lot of alcohol, abuse more of tobacco and is addict of  hallucination-inducing medicine are on a greater verge to suffer from the medical condition of Erection failure
  • Man those who exercise less and stay lethargic most of the time are usually weak from inside and can’t make their partner satisfied
  • Also, those who masturbate a lot and watch porn movies in excess are at greater risk to suffer from such condition of erectile dysfunction

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Though there are many treatments available for the correction of erection failure condition in men like implants, testosterone injections, vacuum therapy, pumps, and others the most effective treatment available for the correction of impotence in men is Fildena medicine consisting active moiety Sildenafil.


This medicine you can take up half to one hour before to make love to the partner, orally with a glass full of water to enjoy the benefits of full erection in your penile organ. Once you take this dosing its effect lasts in your penile for a long duration of 4-5 hours. This gives a man an immense possibility to enjoy the many sensual sessions on a single night with complete intimate fun due to stiffer erection in the organ.

Mechanism via Fildena medicine acts in men body is locking the group of enzymes PDE5 to carry out its basic function of the disintegration of cGMP. The blockade to this enzyme action accumulates a long sum of cGMP in eth penile tissues that instantly makes NO to surge out. Enabling a man instantly aroused for the long-term hold up over the erection stiffness. This is how a medicine Fildena gives a man a smoother experience of intimate performance.


Some of the pernicious effects allied to Fildena intake are gastric upset, mood swing, irritation, pain in muscles, tremors, sore throat, tear and excessively dry penile skin.


As a cautionary advice patients are recommended to abide the drink that has a high fraction of alcohol, caffeine. Grapefruit juice and fried foods might delays the effect of medicine Sildenafil. Do not take medicines that have nitrates as an active moiety.

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