You may get treatment for shingles but it may affect later too and make you suffered from pain. Shingles is nothing but a general term for a viral infection of a nerve area. Shingles is a condition where you get painful rashes, is more likely to occur in people with chickenpox history, and appears to be the reactivation of the dormant virus. Shingles often happen after many years of chickenpox cases. Once you encounter the chickenpox virus, it travels from the skin along the nerve paths to the nerve roots where it becomes inactive. Later, it hibernates, and when reactivation happens due to unknown sources, then this virus travels via the nerve paths to the skin. The unpleasant and after-effect of shingles is referred as postherpetic neuralgia that affects many people suffering from shingles. There comes the condition when you suffered from nerve pain and is very much distressing.  

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However, a most remarkable treatment has developed long ago by the name of
Gabapentin for relieving the nerve pain condition. Gabapentin was an original product for seizures only but later with its much useful traits and effective responses on pain sensations, it was approved by FDA for the treatment of nerve pain also. Gabapentin is a generic moiety, which is available with its generic name and with different brand names.

Nerve pain or neuropathic pain caused due to damaged nerves because of conditions like fibromyalgia, shingles, diabetes, or any other injury. Thus, Gabapentin is an effectual remedy for treating such kind of nerve pain problems. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter, which helps in transmitting the pain signals to the nervous system and the brain. Hence, Gabapentin inhibits the release of glutamate in order to reduce nerve excitability and thus, reduces nerve pain.

Gabapentin is available in the orally administered form of tablets and capsules with 100,300, 400, 600, and 800mg different dosage strengths. This oral preparation is needed to be swallowed orally with water and regardless of the food. Hence, the most suggested dosing regimen for treating nerve pain is 1800mg in a day given in three divided doses. Before and after an hour of taking Gabapentin, do not take any antacid remedy because of reduced absorption of the drug.

Take the Gabapentin doses at the same time each day and never increase more than the prescribed dosing else, the overdose of the drug can be habitual. Suddenly stopping the Gabapentin remedy can lead to cause withdrawal symptoms in the users, hence, it is advised to consult your physician prior to the stop of Gabapentin after a regular use. Some associated adverse effects with Gabapentin include drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, fluid retention, sleepiness, vomiting, nausea, weight gain, joint pain, motion sickness, or hazy vision. Therefore, before and while taking Gabapentin, the patient should have to keep certain precautions and warning in the mind, for instance-

  • Drinking alcohol with Gabapentin remedy can aggravate the dizziness effect, so you should avoid that.
  • Patients taking Gabapentin should be taken care for any change in unusual thoughts, moods, or feelings, as this medicine has increased risk of such alterations.
  • Patients with the previous record of suicidal thoughts or drug and alcohol abuse should not take Gabapentin medication.
  • It is risky to take Gabapentin in children, geriatrics, during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Allergic responses to Gabapentin make your condition unsuitable for the use of this medication.
  • Any other medical condition associated with heart, liver, kidney, blood pressure, diabetes, or bleeding disorder need special consideration before taking Gabapentin.

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