Everyone looks at abortion in his or her own ways; there are 58 countries, who provide abortion on request, 134 countries who provide abortion only when it to save the mother's life and 6 countries who do not approve of abortion at all, whatever the case may be. These 6 countries consider abortion a criminal act and the women who have an abortion are labeled as "Baby Killers". Let's not get into the discrimination these women are subjected to by the government personnel in rest of the countries, let's just focus on these six countries. If a woman is raped or has a miscarriage or any other issue and she opts for abortion, then she will be punished here and she will be subjected to all kinds of mental torture that a society can provide. There was a statistic that showed that the rate of suicide among women between the age of 10 to 19 was the highest in such countries and most of them were pregnant.

The word that should linger in our head is "baby killer". Do not most of us look at women who go through abortion this way? Do we not look at them with a feeling of disgust? Should we not try to understand that it is no fun event?

All these statistics are only to make us understand that a woman has situations where she needs to make a decision you might not find right. We all do.  There should be measures she can take, why don’t you ban guns? They kill people, but you don’t because you need it for defense purposes, not to kill people. So are abortion methods.

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For a woman who is looking for a safer and private method to get an abortion done can resort to RU 486. The drug is widely sought after for the conclusion of pregnancy up to or less than 49 days beginning on the last day of gestation. RU 486 encloses an FDA approved a drug called Mifepristone as its active ingredient. The drug has a great success rate of 95% and provides a relatively painless abortion.

Mifepristone is a progesterone inhibitor category drug. By the inhibition of primary female hormone (Progesterone), it blocks the supply of oxygen and other essential nutrients transferred to the embryo, curbing its development. It also induces uterine contraction so that the embryo can finally be expelled from the womb.

RU486 contains three Mifepristone pills of 200 mg each. Take all the three pills in one go, on an empty stomach with water. These pills have to be ingested orally.  Wait for days and visit a healthcare provider to validate the news of abortion. In a very few of the users, the abortion is not incomplete, in that case, take two pills of Misoprostol (200mcg) it via vaginal route and follow it with doctor check up after two to three days. 

The most common side effects felt by a few of the users are fever, pelvic pain, vomiting, nausea, drowsiness, faintness, body ache, abdominal cramps, cramps and muscle pain.


  • For a woman, who has the condition of ectopic pregnancy i.e. baby outside the womb, RU 486 is not the drug to carry abortion with.
  • Do not get involved in love making or any physical strenuation right after the abortion. 
  • Take rest and nutritious foods in order to make for the losses incurred during this process.


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