Pain is not a disease in itself but is very debilitating when it comes to performing your everyday task. Even the simplest piece of work becomes a burden. Neuropathic pain is one such pain, which is very intense and creates a hurdle between you and your work. Neuropathic pain is a complex pain in which the pain arises due to any injury or dysfunction of the surrounding nerves or tissues.  The conditions in which the neuropathic pain arises are numerous such as diabetes, shingles (herpetic zoster infection), and spinal cord injury, and fibromyalgia, amputation of limbs, chemotherapy, and multiple sclerosis and facial nerve problems.   Numbness or tingling in neuropathic pain further leads to shooting and burning pain.  Do not let nerve pain lead your life and make you crippled. Use Lyrica today, overcome the agony of your neuropathic pain, and come out a winner.

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is an efficient medication used to treat neuropathic pain. Lyrica effectively cures neuropathic pain occurring due to diabetes or herpes zoster infection. Lyrica also treats pain occurring due to the condition of fibromyalgia and spinal cord injury. Lyrica, apart from successfully treating neuropathic pain, finds its use in controlling seizures. Lyrica contains Pregabalin as the main active constituent. Pregabalin works by binding to the calcium channels of the nerves, reduces the ability to send pain sensation, and slows down the impulses to the brain, which leads to reduced interneuron communication between nerves that leads to a reduction in pain sensations and control of seizures.

Dosing regimen:

Lyrica is commercially available in dosing strength of 25mg, 50mg, 75mg, 100mg and 150mg accessible in a capsule dosage form.

The dose for treating pain caused by diabetic neuropathy: the dose for treating pain associated with diabetic neuropathy is 100mg taken orally, three times a day.

The dose for treating pain caused by postherpetic infection:  For treating pain associated with herpes infection take 75-150mg of Lyrica, two times a day OR 50-100mg thrice a day

The dose of fibromyalgia:  for treating fibromyalgia take 75mg, twice a day, slowly increase the dose to 150 mg twice a day based on the efficacy and tolerability of the patient.

The dose for controlling partial onset seizures: For controlling partial onset seizures, take 150-600mg of Lyrica in a day.

Adverse effects of Lyrica:  The commonly occurring adverse effects of Lyrica are dizziness, blurred vision, ataxia, tremor, peripheral edema, increased appetite, weight gain, twitching, and sinusitis.

Warning and precautions:

Do not take Lyrica if you are allergic to any ingredient present in this medication.  Do not drive or operate heavy equipment during the use of Lyrica. Do not stop taking Lyrica suddenly as it may exhibit the withdrawal symptoms. Do not use Lyrica in the presence of any renal, cardiac or hepatic failure. A person having a history of depression or suicidal attempts must never take Lyrica. A person below the age of 16 years should never take Lyrica.

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