People usually suffering from back or neck pain, get so much annoyed that they want to get better faster, for which they perform exercise and consume the medication. But what if nerve pain happening to take the toll over the life, normal body pain can be bearable, but nerve pain is not that much easy to handle as body pain. As nerve pain make your legs and arms complete numbness and moreover, it makes you feel like a tingling, Burning and pin pricking sensation. No matter what is causing the nerve pain as it happens due to diabetes, cancer, shingles, Fibromyalgia, spinal cord injury and nerve damage, it is going to make you fall ill and annoy with persistence pain going on. The other annoying thing about nerve pain is that it cannot be treated with normal painkiller it needed some special medication. From time to time the pain is there all the time, occasionally it comes and goes. It can even lead to depression and anxiety.  Hence, understand the causes of nerve pain and find out the best cure for the illness. If you wish to proceed with medication option then Lyrica is the best alternative to go for.

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Lyrica is an outstanding and amazing medication for the betterment of nerve pain and making the life tough and full of struggle. The medication is believed to work on nerve pain happening as of diabetes, nerve damage, nerve injury, Fibromyalgia, shingles and spinal cord damage. This is one of the FDA approved drug for the betterment of nerve pain. Although, it does not heal the reason behind the nerve pain, but provide you complete relief from the pain.

Pregabalin fits into the category of the anti-epileptic medication. Though Pregabalin is same like as of an inhibitory neurotransmitter (GABA), it does not bond to GABA or benzodiazepine receptors, somewhat it connects to the presynaptically to the alpha2-delta subunit of the voltage-gated calcium channels within brain tissues situated at spinal cord and brain. Hence, it might reduce the calcium current and obstruct the relief of calcium ion, which further hampers the release of neurotransmitters and provides respite from nerve pain.

Lyrica Oral capsules come as of 25, 50, 75,150, 200,225 and 300mg. Ingest the amount of 50 to 100mg thrice a day for the enhancement of diabetic neuropathic pain. The patients are suggested to take the dose of 75mg twice for the recovery of nerve pain as of Postherpetic Neuralgia. The amount of 150mg two times a day is recommended to consume if pain happening as of Fibromyalgia. The patient can ingest the dose of 150mg in a day or 75mg twice for the handling of nerve pain bang up-to-date as of spinal cord damage.

However, the dose intake might cause some adverse effects like as drowsiness, muscle pain, breast swelling or tenderness, dizziness, overexcitement, loss of balance, vision trouble, the problem with memory recollection, dry mouth, and constipation.

Therefore, the person using Lyrica is requested to avoid the consumption of alcohol, smoking and sleeping pills. The pregnant women and nursing mother must have to avoid the usage of Lyrica medication. If dizziness persists after drug intake then avoid the doing that needs mind alertness. The drug might cause withdrawal symptoms. Hence, do not stop taking medication suddenly. Do not take it for longer to avoid addiction.

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