Neuropathic pain is also known as “nerve pain” and it is has become a most common pain disorder that affects almost one in every 100 people. Usually, the neuropathic pain is supposed to be a result of the damage nerve fibers or the canals by which nerves pass. There are more than 100 complex types of nerve pain which progresses differently. If any impairment happens in any component of nervous system then it can result in alarming and even much more life-threatening consequences. Our nerves are responsible for transmitting the pain signals between the brain and other regions of the body. Our complex, interdependent nervous system is responsible for performing everyday tasks such as running, walking and other works of the day. If your nervous system starts getting a break then your whole body becomes unbalanced.

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Generally,nerve-related problems did not solve on their own, it needs professional medical treatment. This is why Lyrica comes into play. Lyrica is the best medicine for the treatment of neuropathic pain. If you are dealing with itchy sharp pain, numbness, burning pain that travels go with the length of affected nerves, sense of arms, hands falling asleep then you need to take this medicine as it will surely help you in overcoming these symptoms. Buy Generic Lyrica online with overnight delivery at reliable cost.

Neuropathic pain may be caused by so many factors such as Alcohol abuse, Stroke, leg and hips problems, Excess weight or obesity, Spinal stenosis (the narrowing of the spinal canal), Alcohol abuse, Amputation, Diabetes, Vitamin deficiencies, specifically a lack of B12 or B1 (thiamine), Smoking, Back, leg and hips problems, Stroke and many more. Lyrica is also used for the treatment of epilepsy, and fibromyalgia. This is an FDA approved a medication that is also used in the nerve pain related to diabetes, nerve pain associated with shingles (post-herpetic neuralgia) and neuropathic pain associated with spinal cord injury. Pregabalin is the main component present in the Lyrica medicine that is responsible for its beneficial effects.

Pregabalin has been placed in the category of the antiepileptic category of drug. It works by blocking the transmission of pain signals going towards the spinal cord and increasing the sense of nerve pain. This medicine is also responsible for blocking the communication amongst the central nervous system and spinal cord so that you become unaware of the pain feeling and you get the desired relaxation in the body.

Lyrica is available in an oral capsule preparation in dosing strengths of 25, 50, 75, 150, and 300mg. If you are taking it for managing diabetic nerve pain, then you need to take 50 to 100mg three times a day orally with one glass of water to the highest dose of 300mg in a day. If you want to manage postherpetic Neuralgia (Shingles) then you need to take Lyrica 75 mg to 150mg two times or 50 to100mg thrice a day. If you want to manage fibromyalgia, then take Lyirca150 mg into partial doses with the highest dose of450mg/ day. For the management of spinal cord injury, take Lyrica75mg two times to the highest dose of 300mg/day.

Lyrica may possibly cause some of the side effects such as muscle pain, headache, and the problem with recollection, weakness, drowsiness, and loss of balance, visualization problem, dizziness, breast swelling, dry mouth, and constipation. Therefore you are suggested to take some of the cautionary measures if you are sensitive to any component present in it then there is no need to take it. You need to avoid alcohol consumption while being on this medicine as it may worsen the side effects.