Abortion or pregnancy termination is a critical and a very significant health issue for women and when the more information is accessible to them, the more they can make informed decisions for themselves. All pregnancies would be wanted or planned if we consider the ideal world, but that is not in the case of the real world.  

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Half of the pregnancies in a woman's life are unexpected or unplanned or accidental that put them into two or many ways direction. There comes the point where they decide to for abortion because they are not able to carry a pregnancy or give birth to a child at some point in their lives. It is sad that most women are not accessible to the way for private abortion. This problem has the solution after the manufacturing of RU486 abortion pills, which gives you the access to safe, secure and successful abortion even at your home.


RU486 description:

A brand name consisting Mifepristone generic for the safe, effective and private mode of pregnancy termination during the early duration of 7weeks or 49days is referred as RU486. Mifepristone is the functional component of RU486, which is an abortion pill present in three quantities in the RU486 brand. Each pill of Mifepristone is of 200mg strength. Hence, RU486 is used for the successful and secure termination of an unwanted pregnancy during the early time.

The working function of RU486:

Mifepristone present in RU486 is an anti-progesterone moiety, which helps to block the function of progesterone hormone. Since progesterone is a pregnancy hormone, without which pregnancy cannot sustain. Thus, when RU486 (Mifepristone) inhibit progesterone then the growing embryo and the uterine wall lining sheds and detach causing the gestation to stop or end. Later, this abortion content of detached embryo and endometrium will eliminate out from the body in the form of vaginal bleeding having blood clots.

The dosing regimen of RU486:

When you are taking the RU486 brand, then it comes with three pills of Mifepristone that you have to take orally in a single dose with water on an empty stomach. After two days of it, you need to consult the physician for the medical examinations for confirming the completion of abortion. If the report comes with incomplete abortion then you are suggested to take two pills of Misoprostol (each of 200mcg strength) either orally or vaginally. Then again, visit the physician for medical examination for the verification of complete abortion.

Side effects observed while using RU486 include strong abdominal cramps, heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, headache, dizziness, tiredness, back pain, or diarrhea. Therefore, the woman above the age of 18years only can take the RU486 pill if needed for the termination. Nursing mothers should also stay away from the use of RU486. In addition, RU486 should not be taken to end an ectopic pregnancy and the following safety precautions should be followed while using RU486:

  • Take proper rest, avoid laborious tasks, and maintain regular healthy diet so that you can recover fast.
  • Make sure not to take RU486 if you have any medical condition of abnormal bleeding, heart, liver, kidney, or blood pressure.
  • Use of RU486 is conflicting if you have any allergic response to any of the ingredient of RU486.
  • IUD (Intrauterine device) is required to be removed if placed before you take RU486 else, drug interaction may happen.
  • Stay away from sexual intimacy until you stop the bleeding else, it can lead to the risk of infections and pregnancy again sooner.

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