Depression starts with a simple feeling of an unease in any particular situation for a particular duration of time in presence of stimuli. In an instance, this cannot be caught by the individual that he is feeling disturbed or nervous or anxious or depressed when put under that particular situation and this is that crucial point when an unease condition changes to anxiety and later it take the picture of depression. This recalls me a similar incidence when my friend got shifted to New York from California for the purpose of her career. She found herself aloof, uncomfortable in intermingling with the people and the surrounding, she found the crowd over there in the office non-cooperative, very competitive and quite troublesome in many cases. She often found no one to share her panic condition. Finding no way out from the situation, she later resigned from there and moved back to California. Alas! Her previous company has hired a new employ as a replacement for her. Now, she is jobless and has to hunt the job again and the penny left with her was not so enough to last for maximum 2-3 months. Her previous landlord understood her situation and asked to have food with her, whilst talking she inquired the reason behind the girl's distress. Knowing her condition, aunt called her family doctor and after discussing, the whole issue doctor advised the girl to commence with Valium and stay optimistic, happy and advised her to hang out with friends, do exercise and ask her to believe in herself.   

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Valium enfolds Diazepam as its crucial functional constituent that exhibits its prompt effect on a person by binding to the active and functional site benzodiazepine of GABA receptor and promoting the inhibitory effect of it by causing the hyperpolarization of the excited nerves via opening the chloride ions across the neuronal cell membrane.  These chemical changes pacify the pulsatile agitation prevailing in the nerves of the brain and in turn nourishes, soothes and calms the brain. Patient suffering from anxiety due to the withdrawal of alcohol or other panic conditions of muscular spasms are also benefitted from this therapy.  

The patient suffering from intense level of anxiety or depression should consume 10mg Valium tablets orally for 2-4 times/day with plenty of water. For healing the condition of alcohol withdrawal The patient should consume Valium for about 3-4 times/day during first 24 hours, then consume 5 mg 3-4 times/day or as directed by a physician. The tablet pictures its effect after the lapse of 40minutes from the medicine intake.

Few allied side effects to Valium therapy are intense fatigue, lethargy, mood swings, taste alteration, breath shortness, slurred speech, clumsy walk, constipation, difficult urination, and sleepiness.

Few precautionary measures that a patient should follow with this medication are driving a motor vehicle, operation of machinery and outdoor sports. Sudden withdrawal of alcohol, abuse of drugs and cigarette smoke might worsen the patient mental state or can provoke him to attempt a suicide. Children below 17 years of age, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their children must not take this medicine.

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