One in every 10 men fails in performing well in bed due to their erection failure. However, this figure cannot be said to be higher because most women did not talk about this issue. Impotence in general terms has become a big social stigma that causes so much embarrassment in men. ED is associated with a number of factors some are physical while others are psychological. Erectile failure can be caused by hormone imbalances, diabetes, and high blood pressure all of which are serious medical problems that must be treated accordingly. Erectile dysfunction is also associated with stress, depression and other physiological problems in which most will pass with time. Relationship difficulty also contributes towards erection problem and makes you fail in bed before a long time. Lifestyle is also a significant factor in making healthy foods and doing more exercises can worsen the condition.

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Smoking and drinking can also contribute to erection problem which restricts the blood supply towards the penile part. It is a warning sign related to some circulatory problems as some fatty deposits in the blood vessels restricting the blood supply towards the penile part. However not only smoking other factors such as alcohol and too much worry related to work, relationship or personal life contributes to an erection problem. By use of Vidalista, it has become possible now to enjoy the vital aspect of lovemaking by remaining harder in bed for a longer time. It is responsible for making erection hard that allows you to be in bed for a longer duration so that you can communicate with your mate and increase the love between both of you. Apart from that, you do not get the embarrassed anymore in front of your mate and she surely appraises you because of your sensual performance.“Tadalafil” is present in the generic form in Vidalista medicine so you can fully enjoy cherishing moments of lovemaking.

Vidalista is a very famous way of treating the sensual problem in an oral way. It comes in various dosing strength of 20 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg & Super Vidalista. It is advised to take one pill at a gap of every 3 days before half hour of getting naughty with your mate with sufficient sum of water. This is a weekend pill so it remains active in the body for next 36 hours. However, as you take this medicine it starts showing its action in the body by blocking the effect of PDE5 enzymes which further restricts the splitting of cGMP into smaller subunits. During sensual awakening, there is a release of Nitric Oxide from the body that is mainly responsible for boosting the concentration of cGMP in the body. This action causes relaxation of penile muscles and fills them with a huge sum of blood so you get an unbending erection for longer time.

Vidalista may cause some of the unwanted effects in the body such as a headache, priapism, muscle aches, GI problems, indigestion, flushing, liquid nose, protracted erection, and crowding. You can be safe if you consider some of the cautionary measures such as: Avoid drinking alcohol or other product that worsen the effects of this medicine. You cannot take this medicine in case of hypersensitivity of any content as it may cause allergic effects in the body.