ED is also known as impotence. In erectile dysfunction a male is bereft of having an erection or sustain a hard erection for long enough to have an intercourse. This condition is hugely prevalent across nations, to get an idea of how deeply common this condition is an estimated 30 million men just in the United States itself are affected by ED. There are several forms of sensual dysfunctions though ED specifically means that there is a loss of erection though there are no issues that males have with the libido. In most of the cases there is a physical cause for ED.

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The problem is that almost 70 percent of the males who suffer from erectile dysfunction do not seek medical advice and the commonest reason for this is that they don’t want to open up in front of a doctor as they feel ashamed.  The concept of manliness that most men have doesn’t allow them to open up as they feel their manliness has been destroyed. This also causes a problem in the relationship as well, if ED is not managed well it can create a rift between the couples and can even destroy the relationship. When a male feels humiliated as he is unable to impress and satisfy his partner on the bed he starts to seek isolation and sometimes neglects the female partner. This can make the dissatisfaction in the female partner rise and thus there can be blame games and throwing much at each other’s which is bound to disturb the relationship further. ED is easily manageable and there are various treatment and management options available. One should also depend on communication between two partners as that gives that healing touch in the relationship.  

Tadalafil is a drug belonging to the class of oral ED pills. This drug is used widely for the effective management of a condition known as erectile dysfunction. This drug is massively utilized by people as it offers them a hard erection that is stable for a long period. It is an FDA approved formulation that allows a man to have a satisfying intercourse.

Tadalafil belongs to the category of drugs known as PDE-5 enzyme inhibitors. The inhibition of this enzyme by Tadalafil stops the degradation of a chemical known as cGMP which dilates and relaxes the penile blood vessels and thus fills it with blood which gives an erection. By stopping the degradation of this chemical Tadalafil assists in erection.             


Tadalafil is available in tablet form in various dosing strengths of 20, 40, and 60mg. The dose is generally started with 20 mg and it can be increased in case a higher response is needed. It is taken 30-minute prior of having an intercourse. This drug is taken once in three days orally with water.

Adverse effects of this medication are drowsiness, nasal decongestion, dizziness, chest pain, body pain, blurred vision and stomach upset.

Things need to be taken care of while using Tadalafil

  • Do not take nitrate drugs with Tadalafil tablets as that can lower the blood pressure.
  • IF you are suffering from liver, kidney, heart, blood and allergy then do not use this drug.  

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