Andrew in 1995: He suffered from acute agoraphobia. He was terrified to leave his house. He would never get on planes or trains. He was feared of being caught up in traffic jams, shopping centers, crowds, lifts, and crowded rooms.


His social phobia: He suffered a panic attack in a business meeting. He faced problems in talking to influential people. It was far way from thinking that he can speak publically ever.


Andrew in 2005: When he faced such anxiety issue, his parents got worried about this situation and so they took him to the hospital. After he was diagnosed with anxiety, he was prescribed the medicine Librium. With its use, his whole personality changed. What he was before got totally changed. He now loved traveling. He loved long car trips, flying in airplanes, he loved meeting new people. Now he liked the companies of his friends. No more fear of lifts and traffic jams.


He suggests Librium 25mg Generic Chlordiazepoxide to all those who are facing the same problem like him. This medicine has worked as wonders in his life. Now he lives comfortably and peacefully, keeping anxiety miles away from him.

What is the secret ingredient inside Librium?

This medicine has Chlordiazepoxide that works as an anti-anxiety medicine. It works by putting an end to anxiousness. It stops the transmission of chemicals inside the brain that raises anxiety. After its consumption, you will get relieved from moderate and severe anxiety.  

The mechanism behind how Librium suppresses anxiety

Librium after coupling up with GABAA receptor raises the affinity of neurotransmitter towards GABAA receptor. It elevates GABA-mediated chloride influx resulting to membrane hyperpolarization. This met neuroinhibitory action induces sedation, relaxes your muscles, and keeps you free from anxiety issue.

The dose you must follow to get rid of anxiety

In adult patients, the dose you need to take for prevention of mild to moderate anxiety is about 5 mg or 10 mg, thrice or four times daily. The dose in adult patients when you observe severe anxiety disorder is about 20 mg or 25 mg, thrice or four times daily. Among debilitating patients or geriatric patients, you need to use 5 mg, twice to four times daily. Librium must be taken with or without meals.

See below the contraindication with Librium

  • Do not ingest Librium whenever you observe any allergic reaction with this drug.
  • Never take Librium, when you are also taking sodium oxybate.

See below the safety precautions to follow with Librium

  • Restrict the intake of alcoholic beverages and drugs that have a sedative effect.
  • Librium induces dizziness so be away from the work that needs complete alertness and wakefulness.
  • When you see medical problems like psychosis, acute narrow-angle glaucoma, severe liver disorder, cease the Librium use.
  • Do not use in lactating mothers as Librium passes into your breast milk.
  • Before taking in pregnancy condition, ask your doctor's permission.

See below to know about the side effects with Librium

Aftermaths with Librium are an unusual weakness, confusion, excessive daytime drowsiness, dizziness, lack of coordination, clumsiness, unsteadiness, lightheadedness, swelling of mouth or face and allergic reaction.  


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