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Buy Filagra 50 MG online - Generic Sildenafil Citrate 50mg

Sildenafil Citrate - Filagra - 50mg

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Buy Filagra 50mg online

What are the benefits of taking Filagra?

Filagra is a medicine that cures the medical condition of men related to sensuality in bed. The major issue the men of today's era is facing is the erection failure, which said to occur due to poor nutrition, lack of exercise, obesity, abusive habits of alcohol and smoke, diseases like diabetes and others. The patient above mid-40's also reported to slither in sensual performance due to lack of virility.

What is the action forte of Filagra 50mg?

Sildenafil citrate present in medicine acts by plummeting the action of enzymes called Phoshodiasterase-5, which is responsible for causing the breakdown of cGMP. As the enzyme function got disturbed the concentration of cGMP within the male specific groin region got to shoot up. That later cause the relaxation of the smooth muscles and the dilation of penile blood vessels to facilitate the rush of blood to enter in the male lovemaking organ and make the same stood erect, hard and long for stretched interval of time.

What is the dosing calendar for Filagra 50mg?

Filagra medicine available in strength of 50mg is for the beginners or for those whose condition of penile failure is acute. The medicine needed to be taken 60 minutes in lieu of relishing the intimacy but the medicine will depict its effect only when you are in aroused state of mind for relishing the sensuality and will last its impact on the male penile up to the duration of 5 hours. A patient should take only one dose in a day.

What are the side effects of taking Filagra 50mg?

A man who is taking Filagra to get erectness in his penile while the time of intimacy can come across some side effects such as facial flushing, nausea, runny nose, headache, frequent mood swings, myalgia, heartburn, blurred vision, tinnitus, throat soreness, fatigue, and Priapism.

What are the precautions that a patient should take with Filagra?

A man taking Filagra must evade the consumption of alcohol, grapefruit juice, rich fatty meals, and nitrates embodying medicines, cigarette smoke, and excess of caffeine intake. The patient should avoid outdoor activities and operate any machine or ride any motor else might meet an accident due to intense drowsiness.

What are the contraindications with Filagra 50mg?

Those who notice any signs of allergy after taking this medicine must not consume it further and immediately seek the advice of a physician. Men of the age above 65 years and below 18 years are not fit for this medicine. 

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