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Buy Cytotec 200 mcg Abortion Pill (Generic Misoprostol tablets)

What are the therapeutic uses of Cytotec medicine?

Cytotec medicine is prescribed to those females who want to abort their unwanted pregnancy of 7 to 9 weeks. You can use this medicine at any place you want, there is no special preparation required for using it. This is a non-surgical method of abortion so there is no chance to harm to vagina or cervical area and is painless so there is no use of local anesthesia. A woman can induce her abortion by herself without any one's assistance as well after taking 24 hours rest, she can return to her work. These pills are completely safe, effective and have 99% success rates.

What is the action mechanism of Cytotec 200 mcg tablets? 

Misoprostol is placed in a category of medicines known as prostaglandin analog. Its main action in the body is to bind with myometrial cells to induce powerful and vigorous contractions leading to the removal of tissue. This causes ripening of cervix, it also softens and dilates the cervix for the easy removal of the fetus in the form of bleeding blood clots from the vagina.

What is the dosing schedule of Cytotec 200 mcg misoprostol tablets?

Cytotec is a complete pack of 12 pills of Misoprostol (200 mcg each). Read the dosing guidelines carefully before consuming these pills:

  • Take the bunch of four Misoprostol tablets in a single dose by means of the oral or vaginal route.
  • You need to maintain a dosing interval of 3 to 4 hours between two doses.
  • After passing 2 days, you need to go to your nearest clinic for confirmation of abortion.
  • Absorption of these pills does not depend on food, however, heavy food influences its rate of absorption in the body.

What are the harmful effects of Cytotec 200 mcg misoprostol tablets?

There are some of the harmful effects associated with Cytotec medicine that includes vomiting, heavy vaginal bleeding, nausea, headache, back pain, tummy pain, mood swings, vaginal discomfort, and cramps.

What are the contra indicatory-factors for the use of Cytotec 200 mcg tablets?

  • Cytotec pills cannot use in women having bleeding problems, or certain blood problems.
  • If you are facing ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus), do not use Cytotec pills.
  • Cytotec pills can never be used in chronic adrenal failure, Kidney disease, Addison's disease.
  • In the case of hypersensitivity to any constituent present in Cytotec pills, do not use this medicine.

What are the safety measures taken while using Cytotec 200 mcg misoprostol tablets?

  • In case if you have the intrauterine device, firstly you need to remove it then only you can take these pills.
  • You are restricted to take Cytotec pills with alcohol as it may worsen the side effects associated with this medicine.
  • You need to take proper rest with a healthy diet as it may help you to overcome the loss occurred in your body due to abortion.
  • Avoid coming in physical contact after consuming Cytotec pills as it will make you more prone to vaginal infection and increase the chances of pregnancy also.

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Cytotec 200 mcg pills was very effective. I could terminate the unwanted pregnancy at home without anyone’s help. (Posted on 9/8/17)
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Misoprostol 200 mcg abortion pills did work for me unexpectedly! Very good site. Will recommend to others. (Posted on 12/29/16)

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