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What is Filitra 60mg?

Filitra 60mg is a proficient drug used popularly to manage, impairment of erection in men. Vardenafil, present in it acts as an active ingredient in it has a unique role to fight against erectile dysfunction successfully at bed time and provide you immense pleasure for a longer Generic Filitra 60mg Verdenafil Tablets Online Cheapest Price from BestGenericStore.

How it works?

Sildenafil citrate belongs to PDE 5 class (an enzyme that is responsible to erectile dysfunction). Intake of this drug inhibits his specific enzyme at covernosal and smooth muscle of male genitalia and that results in maintenance of erection followed by restoration of sexual power in individual who is taking it.

What are the dose and directions of Vardenafil Filitra 60mg?

Oral dosage form of this tablet should be taken along with a glass of water half an hour earlier of sexual intercourse. Do not enlarge the dose of this tablet more than one dose in 24 hours. Various condition of the patient requires dosage adjustment.

 Food does not interfere with the activity of this drug but be aware that heavy and fat reach meal may delay its absorption.

Chance of missing dose is rare, as it can only be taken at the time of sexual intercourse.

Large dose may produce overdosing symptoms, therefore avoid it.

Who should not take it?

Patient who is having known cardiovascular disorder like stroke, angina, or hypotension, in which he is undergoing treatment with Nitrates drugs or its derivatives should stay away from this medication. Do not take it if you are hypersensitive to it.

Which drugs should not be taken along with it?

Drugs like Nitrates or its derivatives should be avoided along with it as it may increase the cardiovascular risk in the patient. Other drugs like antifungal, some antibiotics and Antiepileptics, should not be taken along with Filitra 60mg.

What are the side effects of Vardenafil Filitra 60mg?

Side effects of Filitra are well tolerated at therapeutic dose   and these are flushing, fall in BP, nausea, headache, loose motion, prolong erection and blurred vision.

What are the important information about Vardenafil Filitra 60mg?

 Avoid smoking and driving or other mental activity that entails proper concentration. This medicine is not intended for the children and women. Do not take grapefruit juice and alcohol with this drug. 

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