Mens Health

Every relation has physical closeness and it is important for every individual to get intimated with their partners. But sometimes a common disorder called impotency to interfere in-between a good relationship. Impotency is also known as erectile dysfunction. ED occurs when a male is unable to attain firmness to his male organ to start the process of sensual intercourse. The reason behind Ed is that the penile won't get enough amount of blood from the heart and because of insufficient penile tissue, penile become soft and erection do not take place for the longer duration of time.

It is not bad if soft erection takes place one or twice but when the early erection persistently occurs even under positive conditions such as in the presence of a supportive partner, then something is wrong and the problem is cured immediately.  Ed problem is more commonly seen in elderly people who are more than 60 years of age. Age plays an important role along with other factors such as anxiety, performance pressure, stress, hormonal imbalance, relation problem, poor nutrition, high blood pressure, kidney, and lung problem and many other. Smoking and excess intake of alcohol also play an important role in causing ED disorder. 

Medications are available to treat symptoms of ED and help to satisfy your partner during intimacy session. Medications such as Sildigra, Snovitra, Tadagra, Valif,   Fildena, Filitra, Cenforce, Vilitra,   Tadaga, Erex, Levitra, Kamagra gold, and Viagra are very much helpful to successfully treat the symptoms of ED.