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Nandrobolin contains Nandrolone as an active constituent, which as an anabolic steroid used popularly to increase muscle mass. It is also widely prescribed to treat certain infection and management of anemia. It is mostly used by the bodybuilders and athletes to build up their body. 

How it works?

Nandrolone exerts its Pharmacological action mainly by increasing the growth of certain tissues in the body. It also carries out its pharmacological function by improving oxygen-carrying ability of blood.

How to take Nandrobolin?

Nandrobolin commercially available in injectable dosage form that requires expert and skilled health care providers. The injection is usually taken is 250 mg per week for men. It should not be administered at a dose of 2 mg per bodyweight weekly. Dose of this medication should be decreased in women up to 50mg per week.

Dose should be taken according to the recommendation and do not increase the dose without getting proper consultation.

Store the drug at room temperature away from children and pets.

Who should not take this drug?

It is contraindicated in some patients who is having problem of existing prostate cancer, kidney dysfunction, or the individual who is allergic to it or any of the chemical ingredient present in it. Do not give it, to pregnant women and nursing mother.

Which drug should not be taken along with Nandrolone?

Drugs which come under the category of blood thinners and Diabetes should not be taken along with it. Do not take other steroid and Carbamazapine when you taking Nandrolone.

What are the side effects of Nandrobolin?

The injectable preparation may cause some side effects such as breast growth, baldness, skin rashes, urticaria, itching, fertility problem and impairment in erection.

What is the important information about this medication?

Take it with extreme caution in medical condition like lever problem, cancer and in children or elderly patient. Contact your doctor if any serious side effects exist. Take part in physical exercise and intake dietary supplement along with this medication. Do not place the needles at any place after use. 

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