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What is Soma max 10?

Soma max 10 is an injectable preparation, which are basically a human growth hormone that works by activates, cell replication, rejuvenation and growth of hormones in humans. This action of Soma max 10 is due to the presence of pharmacological ingredient. It is also used in HIV related weight loss or wasting, growth failure in children and short bowel syndrome.  

How to use Somatropin 10 HGH?

Sterile injectable preparation of Soma max 10 should be recommended according to the conditions of patient like age, weight, medical condition and response to the drug.

Usual adult dose for HGH deficiency: Dosage with not more than 0.004 mg/kg dose, once in a day. 

Usual adult dose for SBS: 0.1 mg/kg dose of this drug should be injected once in a day for 4 weeks. Do not take more than 8 mg in a day.

Avoid taking overdose of this drug; as it can enhance the risk of various undesired symptoms like fast breathing, flushing,

Store the drug at room temperature away from intense heat light and moisture.

Who should not take this medication?

Person having problem such as heart disorder, thyroid problem and impairment in breathing should not take this drug. Avoid the drug if you are allergic to any of the component present in it.

Which drugs should not be taken along with Soma max 10 HGH?

Drugs like Oral corticosteroid, Insulin or other oral hypoglycemic agents, Estrogen or its derivatives and anti epileptic drugs should not be taken along with Soma max, as combination of both may lead to undesired or toxic effect in the body.

What are the side effects of Somatropin?

Possible side effects that may be occur at the therapeutic dose of this drug includes  swelling, mild pain, nausea or vomiting, muscle or joint pain, stomach pain  and hypersensitivity reaction to the skin.

What are the important information about Soma max 10 HGH?

This injectable preparation should be avoided in pregnancy and in nursing mother. Consult your doctor if you have cancer, eye problem and Prader-Willi syndrome. Do not take other steroids during the therapy. 

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